Election Guide

We reviewed the major parties’ platforms to see where they stand on five solutions to strengthen health care in Canada.

Below is a quick reference guide. Scroll down for more in-depth evaluation to help you make your choice on October 19th.


This guide will be updated as announcements are made. Last update: October 13th, 2015.

Some electoral races in B.C. could come down to a few hundred votes. We've gathered riding-level polling information for many of these close races.

Check for more information about your riding here: BC Ridings


In-Depth Evaluation


Negotiate a new Health Accord and Restore Funding to the Provinces

We need all parties to commit to strengthen health care that's based on need rather than ability to pay - negotiating a Health Accord and restoring funding to the provinces is an important first step.




Invest in a National Seniors Care Strategy 

We need the federal government to invest in a national seniors care strategy - so that seniors receive the care they need and are able to live healthier lives in their homes and communities.




Implement National Pharmacare

We need the federal government to implement a national Pharmacare plan so that everyone has equitable, affordable, sustainable access to the medications they need to stay healthy.




Restore Health Care for Refugees

We need the federal government to restore healthcare for refugees - those who come to this country seeking safety should not be prevented from accessing care.




Implement a National Plan to Reduce Poverty

We need the federal government to keep Canadians healthy by investing in a national plan to eliminate poverty.

We've based our analysis on Dignity for All a detailed national plan to reduce poverty in Canada released by Canada Without Poverty. You can read the full text of that plan here: Dignity for All: A National Anti-Poverty Plan for Canada


You can download and print a pdf version of this guide by clicking here.

The BC Health Coalition is a non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to improving public health care in B.C.

Other Health Organizations with Election Analysis

Other organizations have evaluated the parties health care platforms. Check them out by following the links below:




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