We're collecting vote pledges all across the province!

People holding clipboards ready to collect vote pledgesImagine the pressure provincial parties will feel when they see that people across B.C. have pledged to vote for public health care. 

Even collecting a few vote pledges makes a big difference to the campaign overall - there are many ways you can help make this campaign a success in your community.

Scroll down to learn more about what you can do to help....

Collect Pledges in Person

  1. Click here to download the vote pledge collection form. You should be able to print from the page that opens.
  2. Take the pledge form out into your community! Community centres, seniors centres, local meetings, grocery stores and farmers markets are great places to collect pledges. You may also want to go door to door in your neighbourhood. You can collect 10 pledges per form or you could print double sided and double your impact!
  3. Send the pledges back to us. There are 2 ways to do this:
    1. Scan and Email the pledge sheets to info[a]bchealthcoalition.ca 
    2. Mail the pledges our office at 302 - 3102 Main Street, Vancouver B.C., V5T 3G7 

Spread the word in your community 

Put up posters in coffee shops, at libraries and in other community spaces. Some of our star volunteers have joined the health coalition after seeing a pledge on a coffee shop bulletin board. There is even information about signing the pledge by text on the posters so people can sign up without having to go to their computers. Click here to download the "Better Health Care" poster

We have small flyers that offer additional information about the campaign. If possible, they should be printed double sided and cut in half. Click here to download the "Vote Pledge Handbills"

Collect Pledges Online

Send the vote pledge site to your family, friends and coworkers via email and share it on social media! The best link to share is www.votepublichealthbc.ca

If you use facebook, click here to share our Vote Public Health Care post

Additional Issue Information 

We understand that as you're talking about the campaign with others in your community you may want additional information about the key issue areas. You can find that by following the the links below