Thank you!

Last week you made incredible things happen.

For years, the BC Health Coalition community has pushed for action to strengthen public health care - to shorten wait times, end MSP fees, improve care for seniors and increase access to primary care.  This election, thanks to people like you, those issues were front and centre.

Through the work of tireless volunteers, thousands of people pledged to vote for health care. All three major B.C. political parties were pushed to include health care solutions in their platforms, and last Tuesday, the majority of people in B.C. voted for parties with strong public health care platforms.

We’re not sure what will happen next in B.C. Politics - this was the closest race in decades and with thousands of votes still uncounted, we are navigating an unknown political landscape. 

What we do know coming out of last week's election is that there is phenomenal support for public health care in this province, and remarkable people, like yourself, who are willing to work hard to make sure health care gets better for everyone.

With gratitude for all that you do,

The BC Health Coalition steering committee and staff team.