The 2017 provincial election is a major opportunity to improve health care in B.C.

The campaign


With Brian Day’s ongoing legal challenge, public health care is under threat like never before. We need to show politicians that people want health care to improve for everyone, rather than just the few who can pay for care.

We need real public solutions to the health care challenges we're facing, not the two-tier care that Day's legal challenge could create.

If we engage enough candidates, we can make sure any elected government will be committed to strong public health solutions in their platform. We’ll be able to make sure that those who care about health care get out and vote, giving health care champions a better chance of being elected.


About the BC Health Coalition


The BC Health Coalition is a network of organizations and individuals with a shared passion for public health care. Our coalition community is comprised of over 600,000 people in B.C. - and growing.

We are young people, seniors, health care workers, faith communities, health policy experts, and people with disabilities, from communities all over the province.

In sum, we work to continually improve the system we all rely on, and to uphold the values of caring and fairness that our system represents. We believe care should be there for everyone when we need it, regardless of our age, gender, income level, or the town we live in. 

We're a non-profit and non-partisan organization. 

You can learn more about the BC Health Coalition on our main page:

The BC Health Coalition is a registered sponsor under BC Elections, 604-681-7945.