Improving Seniors Care

For this 2020 provincial election, we need your help keeping candidates accountable on seniors' care. BCHC works in collaboration with community and labour groups to bring about a just, publicly-funded, comprehensive health care system that ensures equitable access to medically necessary and preventative health care services for seniors everywhere in BC.

Comprehensive and quality care for seniors requires continuity of care and collaboration across the health care system from primary care, to home care, to hospital care, to long term care and everything in between. In the currently fragmented health care system, seniors' timely and equitable access to needed health care in BC and across the country varies greatly and may depend on their ability to pay. Please click on the buttons below to see questions that you can ask your candidates in different areas of seniors' care. 


Take action on removing profit from seniors' care, long term care, & home care


Removing the Profit Motive

Improving Long Term Care

Strengthening Home Care & Home Support