We're collecting vote pledges all across the province!

People holding clipboards ready to collect vote pledgesImagine the pressure provincial parties will feel when they see that people across B.C. are asking questions to keep candidates accountable around public solutions to improve our health care system, seniors' care system, and primary health care system. 

Even asking candidates a few questions makes a big difference to the campaign overall - there are many ways you can help make this campaign a success in your community.

Scroll down to learn more about what you can do to help....


Spread the word in your community 

  • Distribute the information & questions on our "Ask Your Candidate" section on this site to each candidate in your riding. Share their responses in local newspapers, on your website, through social media sites, and/or in a mailing to your organization’s membership.
  • Most ridings will be holding virtual Town Halls and Public Forums where candidates can be provided with information and asked questions on the issues. Because participants are usually limited to the number of questions they can ask, it may be necessary to identify in advance which issues are your priorities.
  • Provide this website to your contact list (members, supporters, friends) and encourage them to get in touch with their candidates by email, by telephone, or in person

Collect Pledges Online

Send the Ask your Candidate site to your family, friends and coworkers via email and share it on social media! The best link to share is www.votepublichealthbc.ca

Additional Issue Information 

We understand that as you're talking about the campaign with others in your community you may want additional information about the key issue areas. You can find that by following the the links below